POWERFUL Sensor Compatible Nudge Bar for Ford Ranger Next-Gen 2022-Current (S/S)

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Powerful 4×4 Nudge Bar to Suit Ford Ranger Next-Gen July 2022 2023 (Stainless Steel)

-Radar and Sensors relocate into the nudge bar

-76mm (3inch) 202 stainless steel nudge bar
-Spotlight/fog light tabs (on top bar)
-Includes full installation kit
-Utilizes all factory installation/mounting points

-Airbag compatible

Features of Steel Nudge Bar:

Steel nudge bar, also known as a bull bar or grille guard specifically designed for  Utes, is a robust automotive accessory that offers both protection and utility enhancements.

1.Material:Nudge bar is typically constructed from sturdy materials steel. It is mounted on the chassis of the your Utes

2.Protection: The primary purpose of a Ute nudge bar is to provide protection to the front of the vehicle, shielding it from potential damage caused by collisions with animals, branches, or other minor obstacles. Due to their sturdy construction, nudge bars can absorb and distribute the impact energy, minimizing potential harm to the vehicle’s bodywork and essential components like the radiator and headlights.

3.Functionality: In addition to protection, Ute nudge bar often includes mounting points or brackets for auxiliary accessories. These can be used to attach various add-ons, such as driving lights. This versatility allows users to customize their Utes for specific purposes, such as off-roading, work-related tasks, or recreational activities.

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