POWERFUL Aluminium Flat Roof Rack Cage for Ford Ranger Next-Gen 2022-Current

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Powerful 4×4 Roof cage/roof rack/roof basket/Aluminum Mesh Platform to suit Ford Ranger NEW GEN Next-Gen 2022 2023+ all Models.

– Can fit for XLT, XL, Wildtrak, Sport models

-For Double cab only.

-Made of Full Aluminum Frame with 3 X Heavy Duty Steel Cross Bar.

-Heavy Duty Steel Backbone Bracket Unassembled.

-Load rate: 200kg

-Total Weight: Approx 22kg.

-6 x tie down eye bolts.

-Frame measurement approx: 154cm *124cm * 5cm

-Full installation kit including assembly mounts, drilling the holes on roof is required

-Brackets for Dual Cab, Pop Rivet requested.

-Easy to Assemble.

Features of roof cage:

Functionality: Roof cage provides additional storage space and allows you to transport various items such as luggage, sports equipment, camping gear, and more.

Additional Storage: One of the primary purposes of a roof cage is to offer extra storage space. This is especially useful for road trips, outdoor adventures, and activities that require bulky or oversized equipment.

Durability: Roof cages are typically constructed from sturdy  steel to withstand various weather conditions and hold the weight of your cargo.

Enhanced Interior Space: By using a roof cage, you can free up interior space within your Utes  for passengers or other items that you might want to keep inside the vehicle.

Off-Road Capability: For off-road enthusiasts, roof cages can be helpful in carrying equipment like spare tires, jerry cans, and recovery gear, allowing you to better navigate challenging terrains.

Style and Appearance: Some roof cages are designed with aesthetics in mind, enhancing the overall look of your Utes and giving it a more rugged or adventurous appearance.

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