POWERFUL Stainless Steel 4″ Snorkel for Toyota Hilux Revo Rocco 2015-2022 (Black)

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POWERFUL Black Stainless Steel 4″ Snorkel for Toyota Hilux Revo Rocco 2015-2022  Model.

  • These are designed to fit the outlet of factory Air-boxes. If you have a custom Air-box it may not be a simple fit and could require additional adaptation to suit.
  • Will require Drilling
  • Will require Cutting
  • Will require a professional Installer


Features of Snorkel

1.Increased Water Wading Capability: One of the primary purposes of a snorkel is to allow a vehicle to safely cross deep water or river crossings. By raising the air intake above the vehicle’s roof level, a snorkel prevents water from entering the engine’s intake system, reducing the risk of hydro locking and engine damage.


2.Cleaner Air Intake: By positioning the air intake higher, away from dust, dirt, and debris at ground level, a snorkel helps provide cleaner air to the engine. This can be particularly advantageous when driving in dusty off-road conditions, where a standard air intake might be prone to clogging.


3.Improved Engine Performance: A snorkel allows the engine to breathe in cool and relatively clean air from a higher point, which can lead to improved engine performance. Cooler air can be denser, providing better combustion and potentially increasing power and torque output.


4.Durable Construction: 304 stainless steel snorkels

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