POWERFUL Sharkbar Side Steps/Running Boards For Holden Colorado 2012-Current

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Powerful 4×4 Side Steps/Running Boards for Holden Colorado 2012-Current Model

– Suit Double Cab models only
– Shark Bar design
– Anti-Slip Design
– Extremely durable made of steel
– Includes a pair of bars (left and right) and brackets
– Professional installation recommended

Features of side step:

1.Functionality:Steel side steps are designed to provide a convenient stepping platform, making it easier for occupants to enter and exit the vehicle. They are particularly useful for taller vehicles with higher ground clearance, as they serve as a stable and secure step for passengers to access the cabin area. Side steps also offer an additional platform for loading or unloading cargo, providing a stable surface for workers to stand on when accessing the roof or reaching into the bed of the Ute.

2.Protection:In terms of protection, steel side steps can serve as a barrier, shielding the vehicle’s lower body panels from potential damage caused by road debris, mud, or small rocks. They can help prevent scratches, dents, or chips that could occur from flying debris while driving on rough terrains or in off-road conditions. Moreover, side steps act as a buffer zone, reducing the risk of accidental impacts to the vehicle’s doors or bodywork in parking lots or tight spaces.

3.Material:Ute steel side steps are typically constructed using robust and durable materials such as high-quality steel. Steel provides excellent strength and rigidity, making it capable of withstanding heavy loads and resisting impact. It also offers good corrosion resistance when properly coated or treated, ensuring the longevity and durability of the side steps even in challenging weather conditions or off-road environments. The steel used for side steps is often powder-coated to enhance its resistance to rust and corrosion.

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