POWERFUL LED Head Lamps Lights for Ford Ranger PX2 PX3 2015-2021(Black)

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POWERFUL LED Head light for Ford Ranger 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 till June/2022

Powerful LED Headlights are:

– High Intensity/brightness with Low Power (wattage) draw

– Shock & Vibration Resistant

– Longer Life (10,000+ hours)

– Low Heat Generation

– Instant ON/OFF

– Monochromatic (pure) Colour

These lights have been specially designed and made as close to match factory standard, they will replace your original lights directly.

Our lights not only give your vehicle a new look, they make it stand out. Most of our lights increase safety and visibility, especially with LEDs and CCFL technology incorporated in them. All lighting positions are much brighter than standard lights, (brake, driving, parker, reverse etc…) making you safer on the road for other road users to see.

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