POWERFUL Door Visors for Ford Kuga 2012-2016

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PPowerful 4×4 Window Visor Monsoon Guard  Weather shield to Suit Ford Kuga 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Model.

– Sleek tinted black
– Material: Tough Acrylic
– Easily fitted and self-installed with no drilling required
– No installation guide provided
– Ready to install with double-sided self-adhesive tape
– Include  4 pieces

Feature of Door visors:

1.Rain Protection: Door visors are designed to deflect rainwater away from the window, allowing you to crack open the window slightly for ventilation even during light showers. This feature helps to keep the interior of your vehicle dry.

2.Wind Deflection: The visors redirect wind away from the open window, reducing interior wind noise and turbulence. This feature allows for a more comfortable and quieter driving experience, especially at higher speeds.

3.Ventilation: With door visors installed, you can partially open the windows while parked or driving, promoting airflow and reducing stuffiness inside the car. This feature is particularly useful during hot weather or when you want to prevent fogging on the windows.

4.Sunlight Protection: Door visors can also provide shade from direct sunlight, reducing the amount of glare and heat entering the vehicle. This feature helps to keep the cabin cooler and more comfortable.

5.Style and Appearance: In addition to their practical functions, door visors can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle, giving it a sleek and sporty look.


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