POWERFUL Bonnet Guard for Nissan Navara NP300 2015-2020 B2

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Powerful 4×4 Aftermarket Design Bonnet Guard Hood Protectors Bug Deflectors  to Suit Nissan Navara NP300 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020  Model.

– Sleek tinted black
– Material: Tough Acrylic
– Easily fitted and self-installed with no drilling required
– No installation guide provided

Features of Bonnet Guard:

1.Protection from Debris: Bonnet guards help deflect road debris, such as stones, bugs, and other small objects, away from the windshield and the hood. By redirecting the airflow, they minimize the impact of flying debris, reducing the risk of chips, scratches, or dents.

2.Bug and Insect Deflection: One of the primary purposes of bonnet guards is to redirect insects and bugs away from the windshield. They create a barrier that alters the airflow and helps prevent bugs from directly hitting the windshield, reducing the need for constant cleaning and improving visibility.

3.Aerodynamics: Bonnet guards are designed to improve the aerodynamics of a vehicle. By redirecting the airflow, they can reduce wind resistance and turbulence, which may result in improved fuel efficiency and reduced wind noise while driving at higher speeds.

4.Style and Appearance: In addition to their functional benefits, bonnet guards can also enhance the appearance of a vehicle. Allowing vehicle owners to personalize their vehicles and give them a more rugged or sporty look.

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