POWERFUL Anti Skid Nails Latex Floor Mats for Ford Ranger Extend CAB PX1 PX2 PX3 2012-2022

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POWERFUL Anti Skid Nails Latex FLOOR Mats for Ford Ranger 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 Models.

– Fit extra cab only

– Package:2 front pieces,1 middle mat

– Material: latex

– Quick and Easy Installation & Removal

– Easy Clean – Pressure Washable

Features of floor mat

  1. Anti-Skid Nails: These mats are equipped with anti-skid nails on the underside that provide excellent grip and prevent the mats from sliding or shifting, even during rugged driving conditions.
  2. Latex Material: The mats are made from latex, a durable and resilient material that can withstand heavy-duty use. Latex offers resistance to wear, tear, and deformation, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  3. Custom Fit: These floor mats are designed specifically for utes, with a custom fit that matches the contours of the vehicle’s floor. This ensures maximum coverage and protection for the floor against dirt, debris, and spills.
  4. Water and Dirt Resistance: Latex mats are water-resistant and repel dirt effectively, keeping the vehicle’s floor clean and preventing stains or damage. They provide a barrier between the floor and any liquids or dirt brought into the vehicle.
  5. Easy to Clean: These mats are designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. They can be removed from the Ute and cleaned by shaking off dirt or washing with water and mild detergent. The latex material allows for quick drying.
  6. All-Weather Performance: Anti-skid nails latex floor mats are suitable for all weather conditions. They can withstand exposure to rain, snow, mud, and other outdoor elements, protecting the Ute’s floor from moisture and debris.
  7. Secure Installation: These mats feature anchor points or clips that ensure a secure and stable fit within the vehicle. They stay in place, even during vigorous driving or off-road adventures.
  8. Enhanced Safety: The anti-skid nails provide additional safety by preventing slips or falls inside the ute. They offer stability and rtaction for occupants when entering, exiting, or moving around the vehicle.

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